Gartenabfälle schnell und einfach zerkleinern

Auch Ihr Garten möchte in Form bleiben. Daher müssen Sie Hecken, Büsche und Bäume regelmäßig mit Heckenscheren und Kettensägen stutzen. Doch wohin mit all dem Schnittgut? Zum Zerkleinern von Ästen, Stöcken, Zweigen und Grünzeug sind unsere Häcksler dank einer einzigartigen Schneide- und Walzentechnik bestens geeignet. AL-KO Häcksler punkten mit großem Einfülltrichter, innovativem Schneid- oder Walzenwerk und stabilem Fahrwerk. Dabei legen wir auf Ihre Sicherheit größten Wert: Sobald Sie beispielsweise die Fangbox des AL-KO Easy Crush entfernen, schaltet das Gerät automatisch ab. Mit einem robusten Häcksler von AL-KO ist die Arbeit schnell erledigt und Sie haben jede Menge Zeit, um Ihren Garten zu genießen.

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shredder | AL-KO shredder with extra large hopper

Totally from the roll

The roll feed in the extra large hopper means that the shredded material can be filled in easily and conveniently. The integrated handle ensures easy transport.

shredder | AL-KO shredder with large collecting box

Good catch

The large, integrated catch box of the Easy Crush chippers is not only extremely dimensionally stable and ideal for transporting the chipped material. The integrated closing contact also guarantees maximum safety.

Shredder | AL-KO Safe standing of the shredder

Safe stand

A wide chassis and large, easy-grip XL wheels ensure a safe stand and good handling when shredding.

shredders | AL-KO shredders with precision cutter

precision cutting unit

The powerful knife cutting unit with additional knife for pre-shredding ensures a faster cut, improved self-feeding and effective operation (depending on model).

shredder | AL-KO shredder with separate branch feed

Separate branch feed

In addition to the large main feed hopper for soft material, the innovative cutting technology has an additional, separate branch feed for branches up to max. 45 mm (depending on model).

shredders | AL-KO Tips and tricks for shredding shrubs and trees

Useful tips & Tricks

For many gardeners, a shredder is part of the standard tool: it ensures that branches and hedge cuttings/cuttings are easily turned into useful compost that you can use in your garden straight away. There is no need for external disposal.

Knife or roller ?

A knife or roller shredder is required, depending on the requirements. While the knife shredder is ideal for woody and leafy garden waste and its shredded material is ideal for covering beds, for example, the roller shredder is more the shredder for the "coarse": Its shredded material is crushed between the roller and the counter plate, so to speak, thus accelerating rotting on the compost.

Safe standing
The forces acting on the shredder vary greatly depending on the material being shredded. This means that before you start, make sure that your shredder is really stable.

What can be shredded and what cannot?
The shredder is ideal for shredding branches, hedge trimmings, long-stemmed, hard or already dried stems of flowers, perennials, shrubs and tree pruning. Ideally, the branches should be shredded shortly after pruning to achieve optimum results.

Feed shredding material correctly
In principle, do not feed shredding material until the machine is already switched on. Any shredded material that has been inserted is drawn in. Soft shredding material should always be processed alternately with branches to prevent the shredding blade from clogging. Only push in as much shredding material as will not block the feed hopper. Hold thicker branches firmly against the chaff, otherwise the engine will be overloaded.

Careful when chipping
caution is required when chipping. Rollers and knives can be dangerous. We recommend that you wear safety goggles, as parts can always fly around when branches are shredded. Clothing must be appropriate (tight-fitting) and must not be a hindrance. Long hair should ideally be secured with a hairnet.

The blade of knife shredders should of course always be sharp to ensure optimal working. Check the knives regularly and replace them if necessary. You can also find replacement knives in the AL-KO Online Shop.

After shredding
The machine should be cleaned (disconnect from the mains beforehand, of course) and stored in a dry place. Do not clean the shredder under running water or high pressure and do not use cleaning agents or solvents. Use a soft brush or cloth.

shredder | AL-KO shredding material from branches and shrubs

Info on the AL-KO shredder range

When spring or summer pruning is due on trees, hedges and bushes, this means a lot of work in a large garden. Our shredders take a large part of the work off your hands. Because they help you to shred branches and other garden waste in an uncomplicated way. In addition to their high performance, AL-KO garden shredders are convincing with their user-friendliness and high standards of safety. Buy online now!

| Innovative cutting unit with angled knives
| Separate branch feed for shredded material up to Ø 40 mm
| Ball-bearing XXL wheels for easy transport
|Large feed hopper and improved self-feeding system
| Wide chassis for a safe stand

AL-KO Easy Crush shredder:

Multiple test winner
| High material throughput thanks to 2800 watts
| Sturdy housing with XL wheels for safe transport
Including re-stuffing device for refilling the chaffed material

shredding green waste, composting more effectively - with AL-KO shredders

All our shredders are characterised by simple, convenient and at the same time safe use. Quality features: sturdy workmanship for a safe stand, powerful electric motors for 230-volt and heavy current. In addition, we use precision cutters, a wide chassis for mobility and stability, and easy-grip XL wheels for easy progress even on rough and sloping terrain.


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