The practical helpers when it's snowing

With the practical snow blowers from AL-KO, the tedious task of shovelling snow with a snow shovel is put to an end. They are equipped with a powerful motor that takes the work off your hands quickly and efficiently. Our selection ranges from the small battery-powered device to the large petrol snow blower, which with its powerful motor can remove even large quantities of snow effortlessly. Which machine is the right one for you depends on the expected amount of snow and the area to be cleared. Depending on the amount of snow, we have snow blowers with different clearing widths and 1 or 2-stage conveyor technology. Snow clearing is now quick and easy.

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Schneefräsen | AL-KO Müheloser Winterdienst

effortless winter maintenance

With AL-KO snow blowers in clearing widths from 46 to 76 cm, the snow is removed in the shortest possible time.

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Cleanly cleared

With the clearing cutter in contact with the ground, pavements and driveways are swept clean - without any residual snow cover. At the same time this clearing paddle serves as a forward drive.

Schneefräsen | AL-KO Schneefräse mit Elektrostart

Lightly started

The 230 V electric starter (depending on model) sets the snow blowers in motion effortlessly. Some models can also be optionally started with a cable pull.

Schneefräsen | AL-KO Punktgenaues Auswerfen mit drehbarem Auswurfschacht

Point ejection

The ejection chute can be rotated manually up to 190 degrees. So the snow lands exactly where you want it. Depending on the model, the snow is thrown up to 15 m.

Schneefräsen | AL-KO Schneefräse mit Scheinwerfer

Practical on dark winter days

Some models are equipped with headlights - ideal for clearing snow in the evening or early morning.

Schneefräsen | AL-KO Schneefräse mit Grobstollenreifen

Safe progress

The large, coarse-tread rubber tyres on the petrol snow blowers or the crawler drive (especially on the Snowline 760 TE) ensure optimum traction and easy manoeuvrability even in the most adverse conditions. With up to 6 forward and 2 reverse gears, the speed of the wheel drive can also be easily adjusted.

Schneefräsen | AL-KO Schneefräsen Fördertechnik

With power through the snow

As a basic principle, AL-KO snow blowers are differentiated between blowers with single-stage or two-stage conveyor technology:

Single-stage conveyor system
Single-stage conveyor system is the entry-level segment and is mostly snow blowers with electric motors. The snow is picked up by the auger in one operation and thrown directly through the ejection channel. Compared to two-stage snow blowers, these electric snow blowers are lighter and more compact and are therefore suitable for smaller jobs. They are less complex in design and therefore cheaper. Ideal for pavements, smaller yard entrances in freshly fallen snow.

two-stage conveyor system
These petrol snow blowers are designed for harder and more demanding jobs. In the first stage the auger tears at the snow surface and picks up the snow. In the second stage, a second auger or blower throws the snow out through the ejection channel. The more complex models are usually more powerful and have a petrol engine and are therefore suitable for greater snow heights and hardened snow. Compared to the single-stage snow blowers, these models offer advantages in terms of clearing volume and throwing distance.

Another difference between single-stage and two-stage models lies in the drive: on two-stage snow blowers the wheels are driven, whereas on single-stage models the drive is provided by the clearing paddle.

Schneefräsen | AL-KO Komfortabel Schneeräumen

Optimum comfort

The Snowline 46 E can be stowed away easily and in a space-saving manner thanks to the multi-height-adjustable handlebar. The AL-KO snow blowers with a powerful OHV petrol engine and switchable wheel drive help with larger amounts of snow. The OHV technology enables high performance with low fuel consumption thanks to the overhead valves. Example models for this are: AL-KO snow blower AL-KO SnowLine 560 II, SnowLine 620 II, SnowLine 700 E and SnowLine 760 TE. Depending on the conditions, the snow is thrown up to 15 m with the help of the rotating ejection chute.

Easy progress is guaranteed by the large, coarse-tread rubber tyres and the multiple forward and reverse gears. Additional comfort is provided by the heatable handles, depending on the model. The 760 TE snow blower offers the best traction in the most adverse conditions thanks to its crawler drive. AL-KO snow blowers stand for robust quality that adapts to your needs. Choose your AL-KO snow blower and convince yourself of the quality.

snowblowers - it's that easy to clear snow today
The first snowflakes are falling from the sky and everyone knows: winter has finally arrived! But as beautiful as the joy of the first snow may be,. As soon as pavements and driveways are snowed in, winter becomes a daily task and  snow removal is the order of the day. With the snow blowers from AL-KO, the tedious manual snow shovelling has come to an end. Our selection ranges from the small device to the large petrol snow blower which, with its powerful motor, can remove even large quantities of snow effortlessly.


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