Practical manual lawnmowers for a perfect golf lawn

Light, simple and fast lawn mowing is no longer a dream with a hand mower from AL-KO. With these devices, you can perfectly mow small gardens and ornamental lawns up to a size of 250 m². Neither electricity nor petrol is necessary enabling you to work spontaneously. AL-KO hand mowers are equipped with a single axle and XXL wheels making them extremely manoeuvrable, whilst the robust housing features a special rubber bumper to protect it from scratches and dents. Thanks to its design and low weight, you can easily transport the AL-KO spindle mower over steps to and from the lawn. Our cylinder mowers are comfortable, emission-free and very quiet for a pleasurable working environment.

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AL-KO cylinder mowers Advantages | Manoeuvrable on the lawn

Manoeuvrable on grass

The single-axle guidance of the AL-KO hand mowers, guarantees extreme manoeuvrability and comfortable compensation of bumps.

AL-KO cylinder mowers advantages | special spindle

Special spindle

The high-quality 5-blade mowing spindle made of hardened special steel ensures a perfect cut and even filling of the grass collector.

AL-KO cylinder mowers advantages | functional design

Functional design

Light and robust housing with new design and new XL wide tyres. The rubber bumper protects the case from knocks and scratches.

AL-KO cylinder mower | Useful tips
Useful Tips

Exact cut
There is no other way to describe the mowing result with an AL-KO hand mower. For this purpose, we have equipped it with a special cutting technique that prevents the mowing spindle and the lower blade from touching each other during rotation.  

In addition, the five blades are made of special hardened steel and can be adjusted in height. This technique is very gentle on the lawn and gives the impression that you have cut your lawn with scissors.

Our tip: Order the grass catcher box for the hand mower with your purchase.

AL-KO cylinder mower | tips and tricks

Tips & Tricks

As is usual for English lawns or golf courses, the grass surface should be as even as possible due to the low cutting height.

| Changeover
If you want to change from a "normal" lawnmower to a cylinder mower, we recommend gradually reducing the cutting height to give the grass time to change over.

| Cutting frequency 
Mowing should be more frequent, usually at least once a week. If the height of the grass is greater than the height of the mowing spindle, mowing is considerably more difficult.

| Time of day 
It is best to use the hand mower in the morning when the lawn is still wet from the dew.

| Irrigation
Frequent cutting leads to an increased water requirement of the grass. This means that the lawn should be well watered.

Hand mower: golf lawn for your own garden 

Hand mowers are classics among lawnmowers. They are handy, efficient and work without electricity or petrol - and cut very short and very precisely. For this reason, they are used (often as motorised versions) intensively for the maintenance of golf courses, sports fields and parks, in addition to mowing robots such as the Robolinho.

As manually pushed versions, the AL-KO hand cylinder mower is the best alternative to a lawnmower, especially for small gardens, and you also get an English lawn/golf lawn on your doorstep. With its special cutting technology and high-quality, hardened blades, you can mow your lawn as perfectly as if you had cut it with scissors. In short: If you want a lush, dense green like on the golf course, the hand mower is the right choice for you.


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